Portsmouth Recycles!


Welcome to Portsmouth Recycles, our campaign to boost recycling rates in Portsmouth. By doing a better job recycling our cans, bottles, plastic containers, paper and cardboard, we can help to better control the costs of running our Transfer Station and hold down the cost of resident Transfer Station stickers. We want to thank everyone who continues to recycle and to remind others that recycling in Rhode Island is mandatory.

Portsmouth residents have one of the best waste disposal options on Aquidneck Island!  Those residents who purchase a Transfer Station Sticker are able to dispose of a wide variety of recyclable materials (metal; books; clothing; yard waste; empty propane tanks with the valves removed and large bulky items) without having to pay additional fees as they do with a private hauler. Smaller fees apply to some items (i.e., auto tires for $5.00 / truck tires for $10.00). Mattresses or box springs that are undamaged (and dry) are also collected – all we ask is that you call the Transfer Station first (401-293-5865) to ensure that space is available for your mattress that day. Any mattress or box spring that is wet or damaged will be charged a $70 fee as that is what the Town has to pay for their disposal.

Construction and Demolition debris (C&D) and Asphalt, Brick, and Concrete (ABC) disposal is also available. The current policy for annual Transfer Station sticker holders is they receive four C&D/ABC passes provided by the Tax Collector’s Office on an as-needed basis.  A C&D/ABC pass is good for one load of C&D and/or ABC.  Each load must be in containers and volume may not exceed 32 gallons. Each additional load up to and including 32 gallons of C&D or ABC may be disposed of in the respective bin for a $50 fee per load by purchasing additional pass(es) at the Tax Collector's Office.

Since the introduction of PAYT at the Transfer Station on February 1, 2018, Portsmouth's recycling rate has increased tremendously! The recycling rate for calendar year 2017 was a dismal average of 23%. For the first 10 months of 2018 (and mandatory PAYT did not begin until February), the recycling rate average skyrocketed to nearly 40%!  Phenomenal! Keep it going! You are reducing your costs and providing for a better future for all. 

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