Comprehensive Community Plan

The Town of Portsmouth's Comprehensive Community Plan is a large document. Please contact us if you have trouble accessing it.

Subsequent Changes to the Comprehensive Community Plan

2004-10-27 A

Draft of the New Comprehensive Community Plan for Public Review

Please review the current draft of the proposed Comprehensive Community Plan.

Draft Maps for the Comprehensive Community Plan

Steps to Approving the Current Draft of the Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) 2021

  • The Portsmouth Town Council held public hearings, which were advertised and posted. 
    • Public hearings took place in March and April 2022. 
  • The Town Council officially adopted the draft plan by resolution on April 11, 2022, incorporating the plan by reference into the Town's code of ordinances.
  • The Division of Statewide Planning conducts a final review and holds a 30-day public comment period prior to their final approval. 

A quote from the draft plan states,

"A successful CCP should achieve the following:

  • Be reflective of the desires and viewpoints of the Town’s residents.
  • Be based upon an accurate inventory of the Town’s resources.
  • Act as a reference document for facts, concepts, goals and actions.
  • Be maintained as a dynamic living document, providing a roadmap for the future of the Town.
  • Be flexible in order to respond to changes in growth pressures, economic forces, environmental conditions and shifts in policy.
  • Provide a means to manage conflict between differing town priorities" (CCP Draft, 2021, pg I-3)