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Portsmouth Police RI Detail Request Form

  1. This online form can be utilized by the public and organizations to request a police detail. // Rates: Up to 8 hours / Minimum 4 hours Weekday (Mon-Fri 6AM-4PM) $55.00 per hour / Weekday Overtime $82.50 per hour / Night/Weekend (Mon-Fri 4PM-6AM/Fri 4PM-Mon 6AM) $71.00 per hour / Night/Weekend Overtime $106.00 per hour / Holiday $110.00 per hour / Holiday Overtime $165.00 per hour / Police Cruiser $20.00 per hour // If the detail requestor cancels an officer from a detail, it must be done at least two (2) hours prior to the scheduled start time of that detail. In cases where the detail requestor does not cancel at least two hours in advance, they will be billed for four (4) hours. // BILLING WILL BE MAILED AND INVOICE IS PAYABLE WITHIN 15 DAYS. FAILURE TO PAY INVOICE WHEN DUE WILL RESULT IN "NO DETAIL OFFICER and/or CRUISER" AT SUBSEQUENT DETAILS. MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO "TOWN OF PORTSMOUTH" MAIL CHECK AND COPY OF INVOICE TO: PORTSMOUTH FINANCE DIRECTOR 2200 EAST MAIN ROAD PORTSMOUTH, RI 0287 // If you have any questions please call our desk officer at 401-683-0300
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