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Mar 17

Portsmouth COVID-19 SITREP 3-17-20

Posted on March 17, 2020 at 6:37 PM by Richard Talipsky




  • World
    • Cases:                   184,976
    • Deaths:                7,529 
  • USA
    • Cases:                   4,226
    • Deaths:                75 
  • Rhode Island
    • Cases:                   23
    • Deaths:                0
    • Negative tests:  403
    • Pending tests:   149 (last updated March 16)
    • Quarantined:     3000 
  • Portsmouth
    • Cases:                   0
    • Deaths:                0
    • Negative tests:  UNK
    • Pending tests:   UNK
    • Quarantined:     UNK 
  • Staff
    • Cases:                   0
    • Deaths:                0
    • Negative tests:  0
    • Pending tests:   0
    • Quarantined:     3


  • Testing center established in Newport
  • Emergency Town Council Meeting (16 MAR 2020)
  • Town Hall closed
  • Town Staff at reduced minimum manning
  • Began distributing laptops to staff that can work from home
  • Continuing Staff and Volunteer integration into EOC
  • Town Website updated:
    • Portsmouth COVID-19 Press Release issued
    • Department COOP Plans completed
    • Video Conferencing Capability established in EOC
    • Governor’s Executive Order 20-05 - “Third Supplemental Emergency Declaration – Public Meetings and Public Records Requests” with regard to COVID-19
      • Open Meetings Act: Public bodies may now conduct meetings by telephone or audio or video conferencing, provided that the public body is meeting for essential purposes and ensures public access to the meeting through adequate, alternative means.
        • Essential purpose: The meeting is necessary for either continued government operations or to meet deadlines set by law or regulation.
        • Adequate alternative means of public access: Measures that provide transparency and permit timely and effective public access to the deliberations of a public body.  Examples include conferencing via telephone, video, or audio, enabling the public to clearly follow the proceedings of a public body in real time.
        • If a state or local law requires real-time participation by members of the public, any alternative means must provide for participation.
        • Any public body that conducts its proceedings under this executive order must ensure that any party required to appear before it be able to do so remotely.
        • A public body that is unable to provide adequate alternative means of public access, because of economic hardship or despite best efforts, may instead post a complete transcript, recording, or comprehensive record of the public meeting on its website as soon as is practicable. Given the wide availability of low-cost technology options, it should be extremely rare that a public body is unable to provide adequate alternative means of public access.
        • Any adequate alternative means of public access must be provided for free.
        • All other provisions under the OMA remain unchanged.
        • APRA:
          • Agencies or public bodies may extend the timeline for responding to requests by an additional 20 business days if the agency or public body notifies the requestor in writing that the extension is necessary for reasons related to the COVID-19 emergency. This extension is in addition to the 20-business-day extension already permitted by statute
          • Agencies or public bodies may produce public records in electronic format, instead of being required to produce records “in any and all media” in which they are capable of being provided or accommodating in-person public inspection.
          • The deadline for agencies or public bodies to respond to administrative appeals may be extended by an additional 10 business days if for reasons related to the COVID-19 emergency. The requestor must be notified in writing within the regular 10-businessday timeframe.
          • All other provisions under the APRA remain unchanged.


  • Identify food needs of special needs population
  • Continue daily tele-conferences with Governor’s Office / RI DOH / RI Municipal Leaders
  • Testing of EOC Streaming Capability
  • Continue Integration of Staff into Incident Management Team (IMT)


 Establish trigger/tipping points for Fire, DPW, Water

    • Police completed
  • Monitor and plan for loss of lifelines
  • Prep for unexpected MED-POD deployment