Town of Portsmouth

Design Review Board

Monday – August 30, 2021 - 7:00 PM

Town Council Chambers - 2200 East Main Rd Portsmouth, RI 02871

The Town of Portsmouth’s Design Review Board Meeting will be live in person, live streamed on the web and by phone dial-in using the Zoom remote meeting service. Please note that any referenced documentation that is displayed during the meeting will be visible through the web or mobile device but will not be visible using the phone dial-in option.

To access the meeting by phone dial-in, please dial: 1-888-788-0099

Once prompted for the meeting ID, please dial: 821-2702-4647 #

Once prompted for a participant ID:

            If you are an invited participant, dial your participant ID followed by #

            If you are a member of the public, just dial # 

You will now be in the meeting.

While in the audio conference, to raise your hand to ask a question, dial *9 and the host will be notified of your interest to ask a question. To mute/unmute yourself, dial *6

 To access the meeting through the web using a computer or mobile device, go to the following web link in any browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) to run the Zoom app and view the meeting: Using your laptop or mobile device, you can raise your hand to ask a question, or pose the question in the moderated Question and Answering chat window. The host will then be able to respond to your raised hand or Q&A question.

 To find further information on upcoming Design Review Board meetings and application materials, please visit the following website:


Meeting Agenda


Roll Call


New Business


Large Ground Mount Solar Energy System (SES) – FORMAL PLAN REVIEW – West Main Solar 1, LLC (applicant) and Zaugg Marion Trustee & Regal, LLC (owners) are proposing a 3.16 MW large SES photovoltaic array on a vacant lot on West Main Road between Russo Rd. and West Passage Rd., identified as AP 44 Lot 15, within the Commercial 1 (C-1) and Light Industrial (I-L) Zoning Districts.


Multi-Family Residential Development - CONCEPTUAL PLAN REVIEW –– Peter Realty, LLC (applicant/owner) are proposing a modification to a previously approved (SUP) multi-family condominium development by adding a 3,727 sq ft addition at 567 Bristol Ferry Rd., identified as AP 12 Lot 52, within Residential (R-20) Zoning District.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank W. Munro, Chairman


The public is welcome to any meeting of the Town’s boards and committees. Copies of all application supporting documents can be publicly downloaded on at or by contacting the Town Planning office at 401-643-0333.