2014 Award Ceremony

1st Annual Award Ceremony

Glen Manor House

May 21, 2014

The Portsmouth Police Department held their first annual awards ceremony on Wednesday, May 21st at the Glen Manor House. A public swearing in ceremony for our new promotees, Lieutenant George Grassi and Sergeant Maryanne Perry also was held at this event.
Distinguished Service Award: The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an incident where an officer’s courage, resourcefulness, tenacity, diligence and/or perseverance in the line of duty goes beyond that which is normally encountered by members in the protection of life or property, the prevention of a major crime, or the apprehension of an armed or dangerous criminal.

Lt. Anthony Cambrola -

On 02/27/2013 at 6:13 am Portsmouth Police responded to a stabbing on a RIPTA bus located on West Main Rd. Lt. Anthony Cambrola was the first officer on scene and entered the bus where he located two males struggling with the suspect in the stabbing. Lt. Cambrola was able to immediately take the suspect into custody and secure the suspect in his patrol vehicle. Lt. Cambrola then reentered the bus and observed the victim who was unconscious and bleeding. The victim had been stabbed in the chest by a knife which Lt. Cambrola then photographed and seized. Lt. Cambrola took charge of the crime scene and maintained the scene until the arrival of detectives. The victim of the incident died from her injuries and the suspect was charged with domestic murder.

Sgt. Scott Travers & Ptlm. James Francis -

On 03/29/2014 at approximately 1110 PM, Sgt. Travers was patrolling in the area of the Common Fence Point playground when he observed a vehicle parked on the grassy area. Sgt. Travers and Officer Francis then approached the vehicle which was occupied by a male and female. The male behind the wheel was a 26 year old Portsmouth resident but the officers noticed that the female appeared to be young. The occupants of the vehicle originally tried to pass the female off as being 19 years of age however the Officers continued to dig deeper in a story that was not making sense. Officer Francis and Sergeant Travers took the time to investigate the circumstances and found the female with the 26 year old to be only 13 years old. An investigation later conducted by members of the Portsmouth Police Detective Division revealed that the male had engaged in inappropriate criminal conduct with the 13 year old female. He was subsequently charged with 1st degree child molestation. The alert actions of Sgt. Travers and Officer Francis were able to bring this suspected predator to justice.

Meritorious Service Award: The meritorious service award is given to members of the department who on any given occasion during the year display a high degree of initiative, professionalism and/or bravery during the performance of their duties.

Ptlw. Maddie Pirri -

On 08-14-13 @ 0940 hours, Officer Pirri was working a detail on West Main Road when she observed a pick-up truck on the side of the roadway. The operator of the vehicle began to yell for assistance and Officer Pirri quickly responded to his location. Once Officer Pirri got closer to the vehicle she observed that there was a fire on the passenger side of the vehicle and the vehicle quickly became engulfed in flames. Officer Pirri observed a Golden retriever still trapped inside the car. Officer Pirri reached inside the vehicle and removed the dog from the truck saving the animal. As a result of Officer Pirri’s selfless actions she sustained a minor burn to her left hand.

Det. Mark Mooney -

On 11/20/13 the Dania Food Mart in Tiverton, RI was robbed at gunpoint. Two suspects were identified by Tiverton Police in the crime. Detective Mooney developed information that one of the suspects in the robbery was planning on boarding a plane at TF Green airport to elude capture. The suspect was considered armed and dangerous by the Tiverton Police Department. Detective Mooney worked in conjunction with the Tiverton Police and the Airport police, and the suspect was arrested within the hour at a boarding gate bound for Florida. Chief Blakey of the Tiverton Police Department commented that it “was only because of Detective Mooney’s cultivation of his information and quick follow up” that the suspect was arrested.

Det. Sgt. Michael Arnold -

During the past year Detective Sergeant Arnold has worked diligently with a high degree of initiative to solve cases that affect the quality of life for Portsmouth residents.
In April of 2013, Sergeant Arnold obtained a confession from a 33 year old housekeeper from Fall River who had been stealing jewelry and other valuables from several Portsmouth homes.
In May 2013, Sergeant Arnold was instrumental in developing a drug case in which a 61 year old Portsmouth female was selling heroin out of her home. The investigation led to the woman’s arrest as well the seizure of heroin, $2000 cash and several weapons, including an AK-47, a rifle and a 25-caliber handgun.
In August 2013, information was received about drug activity occurring on Park Avenue. Sergeant Arnold was able to gain the trust of an informant who provided information on the activities in the area. Through the work of Sergeant Arnold, a 21 year old Tiverton male was arrested and charged with delivery of heroin. Twenty one packets of heroin, cash and his vehicle were seized.
In September 2013, Sergeant Arnold obtained a confession from a 20 year old Middletown male who had entered several parked vehicles in the middle of the night, stealing cash and electronics. The male also admitted to stealing a vehicle from a Portsmouth residence and confessed to Sergeant Arnold that he had been involved in several larcenies from vehicles in Middletown, as well as B&E’s into two Middletown businesses.
And in the Fall of 2013, Sergeant Arnold worked to develop an informant in Portsmouth drug activity which led to the arrest of a 27 year old Newport male and the seizure of 230 packets of heroin, 5.8 grams of cocaine, 12.2 grams of molly and $216 cash.

Community Service Award: The community service award is presented to a member of the department who makes a significant contribution, above and beyond the ordinary call of duty, to the community service component of the department’s mission. The award recognizes a department member’s diligence, teamwork, perseverance and problem solving ability. It is presented to an officer who exemplifies the highest standards of community policing.

Ptlm. Scott Sullivan -

Beginning in 2012, the Portsmouth Police department teamed up with the Portsmouth School Department to help raise money and purchase toys for the needy youth in Portsmouth during the winter holidays. In October 2013, Officer Sullivan took on the department’s goal of improving the holidays for Portsmouth’s youth. He started a blog in which he began to solicit the public for help and began to secure donations to purchase gifts. The police union as well as employees of the police department made personal contributions, and Officer Sullivan was able to obtain donations from other town departments, local business, area colleges as well as local families. Through the dedication of Officer Sullivan, the police department was able to raise almost $2000, and over $600 in gift cards. The $2000 was then used to provide the gift program with a specially made bike and a specialty table for two students with special needs, a laptop for a 10 year old with leukemia, as well as dozens and dozens of toys, clothes, and food to be delivered to needy families in Portsmouth to brighten their holidays. The program was so overwhelmed with toys and gifts that Officer Sullivan was able to provide gifts to families in neighboring communities after surpassing the needs of Portsmouth’s youth.

Chief’s Award: The Chief’s award is presented to a member of the department for a noteworthy act in the performance of their duties, or police work that exemplifies excellence.

Ptlm. Scott Sullivan -

In May 2013, Officer Sullivan took the initiative to monitor suspicious activity that was occurring in the Child Street area of Portsmouth. Officer Sullivan was able to develop information which led to detectives obtaining a search warrant for a Child Street residence. During the search, officers seized heroin; more than $2,000 in cash; more than three ounces of marijuana; and several weapons, including an AK-47, a rifle and a 25-caliber handgun. A 61 year old Portsmouth female was arrested and charged with the: delivery of heroin; possession of weapon during delivery; and possession of marijuana, more than an ounce.

Ptlm. Lee Trott -
In the summer of 2013 Officer Trott took the initiative to monitor increased drug activity that was occurring in the Town of Portsmouth. Officer Trott was able to develop information about a 27 year old Newport male who was selling drugs in Portsmouth. Officer Trott passed this information on to detectives who began to monitor the information provided by Officer Trott. After months of investigation, a search warrant was conducted on the suspect. During the search, this male had in his possession 230 packets of heroin, 5.8 grams of cocaine, 12.2 grams of molly and $216 cash. The male was arrested and has since pled guilty to felony drug possession with intent to deliver and sentenced to 8 years in prison.