Zoning Board of Review

Need Zoning Relief? 

Fill out a Board of Review Petition and speak with our Assistant Town Planner to get your request on a Zoning Board of Review (ZBR) meeting. 


Instructions to Access Zoning Board Meetings Via Zoom Remote Meeting

The Town of Portsmouth’s Zoning Board Meeting will be live streamed on the web and by phone dial-in using the Zoom remote meeting service. Please note that any referenced documentation that is displayed during the meeting will be visible through the web or mobile device but will not be visible using the phone dial-in option.

To access the meeting by phone dial-in, please dial: 1-888-788-0099

When prompted for the meeting ID, please dial:  810 7212  4202 #

When prompted for a participant ID:

If you are an invited participant, dial your participant ID followed by #
If you are a member of the public, just dial #

You will now be in the meeting.

While in the audio conference, to raise your hand to ask a question, dial *9 and the host will be notified of your interest to ask a question. To mute/unmute yourself, dial *6.

Taccess the meeting through the web using a computer or mobile device, go to the following web link in any browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) to run the Zoom app and view the meeting:

Using your laptop or mobile device, you can raise your hand to ask a question, or pose the question in the moderated Question and Answering chat window. The host will then be able to respond to your raised hand or Q&A question.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

View All Agendas and Minutes

Zoning Decisions

View Zoning Decisions


Term Begin DateTerm End Date
Donovan, Charles Kevin
Furriel, Benjamin - Vice-Chair 03/13/1701/17/24
Horwitz, Sue
Kelly, Andrew - 2nd Alternate 09/11/23n/a
Laurienzo, Paul G. - 1st Alternate
Nott, James - Chair
Raposa, Eric - Secretary 

Find out how the town established the Zoning Board of Review.

Become a member of a board or committee! File an application and resume with the town clerk and indicate the board or committee in which you are interested. The Town Council appoints members of most town-related boards.

Applying for a Variance from Zoning

Get prepared! Read Zoning Relief 101 well before you stand before the board! View and download the Board of Review Petition. Our Zoning Ordinance is also available for you to read and do research.

Board Overview

The Zoning Board of Review (also known as the Board of Review) is responsible for ruling on all building development and changes of use per the provisions of the zoning ordinance. It rules on appeals from rulings of the zoning officer (the building inspector), on dimensional and use variances, and on special use permits for certain types of developments. 

Correspondence & Expressing Your Views

From time to time the Zoning Board of Review receives correspondence at Town Hall in the form of letters and email from various persons interested in a matter pending before the board. At times, these communications are voluminous. Although the town makes its best effort to see that these communications are brought to the attention of the board, there is always the possibility that a few of the communications may not reach their intended destination. You may wish to attend the Board of Review hearing in order to be certain that your views are heard.

Prohibited Contact

State law prohibits contact of board members outside of the hearing process. Board of Review deliberations are quasi judicial. This means, in pertinent part, and among many other things, that only evidence properly introduced during the course of a public hearing can be considered by board members when they render a decision. Ex parte communications of any kind are inappropriate.

Making an Appointment 

If you are concerned about the status of a matter before the Board of Review, the file on each petition is maintained in the town's Inspection Department and is available for viewing. It is recommended that you call 401-683-3611 to make an appointment to avoid any inconvenience.