School Committee


Name Term Begin Date Term End Date
Blank, Sondra  02/14/22 11/2022
Copeland, Emily A. - Chair 11/2012 11/2024
Faerber, Frederick W. II  11/2014 11/2022
Kelly, Isabelle 11/2020 11/2022
McDaid, Karen  12/19/18 11/2024
Payero, Juan Carlos - Vice- Chair 12/19/18 11/2024
Vadney, Thomas R. - Clerk 11/2014 11/2022
Council Liaison: Ujifusa, Linda 12/14/20 11/22
Council Liaison: Katzman, Len 12/14/20 11/22
Council Liaison: Kelly, Andrew 12/14/20 11/22

Become a member of a board or committee! File an application and resume with the town clerk and indicate the board or committee in which you are interested. The Town Council appoints members of most town-related boards.

For the official School Department web site with School Committee contact information, please go here.