2018 Award Ceremony

The Portsmouth Police Department hosted its 5th annual awards and promotion ceremony on Thursday May 24, 2018 at the Glen Manor House. During this event the following officers were formally sworn into the ranks:

Major Maryanne D. Perry

Lieutenant Michael J. Morse

Lieutenant Nicholas J. Arruda

Sergeant Garrett J. Coyne

Detective Sergeant Khatu P. Khubchandani

Sergeant Patrick J. O'Neill

Detective Inspector James C. Francis

Detective Inspector Jacob J. Silva

Probationary Patrol Officer Ryan C. Stinson

Probationary Patrol Officer Matthew S. Wilson

Probationary Patrol Officer JeanMarie Stewart

The following officers received awards by Chief Thomas Lee:


The meritorious service award is given to members of the department who on any given occasion during the year display a high degree of initiative, professionalism and/or bravery during the performance of their duties.

Patrol Officer Clinton T. Spurlock

Patrol Officer Kimberly A. DaSilva


The Chief’s award is presented to a member of the department for a noteworthy act in the performance of their duties, or police work that exemplifies excellence.

Detective Inspector Lee G. Trott

Detective Inspector James C. Francis

Patrol Officer Michael G. Quinn