Get V-SAFE to have Portsmouth P-SAFE


Portsmouth highly regards its Community Pride and Community Quality.    Top on the list of Community Quality is Community Health.  For the COVID-19 pandemic, Portsmouth has done about average compared to the rest of the State in the number of people vaccinated for COVID. Our senior population is above other communities. However, our younger citizens (12 to 34 Year olds) are about average.


Through the combined efforts of the Portsmouth Town Administration, Fire Department, School Administration, Medical Emergency Distribution System (MEDS) volunteers, Emergency Management Agency and the Rhode Island Department of Health this new initiative has the objective of making Portsmouth RI one of the safest communities during this pandemic.


The new Delta COVID Variant is very concerning.   With its rapid rate of spread, it can lead to significant illness and death to those not vaccinated, overwhelm our healthcare system and bring us back to the previous severe restrictions to our lifestyle.


The most potent force in combating the pandemic is to be vaccinated.   Sure, any vaccine comes with some risk, but the small risk outweighs its benefits in protecting us and our vulnerable neighbors and visitors. 


Let’s be “V-SAFE” to be “P-SAFE” 


By adopting the safety shield of vaccines, backed up by proven facts, to ensure the safety of Portsmouth residents and friends and to fight the pandemic  Portsmouth can be “P-SAFE”.  


Portsmouth will be hosting several COVID vaccinations clinics to those citizens not yet vaccinated and to be ready for additional vaccinations as they are authorized by the Federal and State governments.  


Get educated on the “facts” about vaccinations as posted by competent authorities so you can make informed personal decisions on getting vaccinated and stand “head-and-shoulders” above the rest of RI. (Go to https://health.ri.gov/ for the latest, authoritative news). 



The “P-SAFE” program is directed to make available more vaccines for school age children 12 and older while at the same time making vaccines available to all residents, who, for whatever reason, may have missed the opportunity previously.


The recent chilling text from the dying father of five children in Florida “I should have gotten the vaccine” should make us all take notice that this virus does not discriminate between old or young. Being vaccinated allows every person to know that they did everything they could to insure that they help to prevent their families, friends, neighbors and co-workers from becoming seriously ill. 


Portsmouth will be holding “first dose” COVID Vaccination Clinics at Portsmouth High School on Friday August 27 from 1 to 3 PM and from 4 to 7 PM for all citizens 12 year of age or older.  Second dose clinics are scheduled for September 17 from 1 to 3 PM and from 4 to 7 PM.   Appointment registration information for the September 17 clinic will be available at the August 27 Clinic.  


To get a vaccination appointment for Aug 27th, go to 


https://www.vaccinateri.org/appointment/en/reg/9010206195  for the 1-3 PM Clinic



https://www.vaccinateri.org/appointment/en/reg/1912958600   for the 4 -7 PM Clinic


To get a vaccination appointment to one of the many other clinics, go to www.vaccinateri.com 


For Portsmouth COVID questions email COVID@Portsmouthri.com 


Get “V-SAFE” to make Portsmouth “P-SAFE”