MEDICAL Emergency Distribution System POD Staffing

MEDS POD Staffing 

MEDS POD Overview Presentation

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MEDS POD Org 6-1-20

POD Job Descriptions

Click on the below positions to review the Job Action Sheets for each:


     - POD Commander

     - Medical Director

     - Lead Pharmacist

     - Public Information Officer

     - Safety Officer


     - Finance Chief


     - Logistics Section Chief

     - Facility Unit Leader

     - IT Unit Leader

     - Tactical Communications Leader

     - Supply Unit Leader

     - Inventory Management Group Supervisor

     - Volunteer and Staffing Unit Leader


     - Operations Section Chief

     - Dispensing Group

         - Dispensing Group Supervisor

         - Dispensing Technician

         - Closed POD Alternate Dispensing Task Force Leader

     - General Support Group

         - General Support Group Supervisor

             - Behavioral Health Responder

             - Customer Service Unit

                 - Customer Service Team Leader

                      - Customer Service Unit Staff

                      - Customer Service Functional Needs Representative

                      - Entrance Greeters 

                 - Forms Unit

                     - Forms Completion Unit

                     - Runners 

      - Medical Support Group

             - Medical Support Group Supervisor

             - Education Strike Team

                 - Education Strike Team Leader

                 - Education Station Healthcare Professional

            - EMS Task Force

                - EMS Standby Rescue

            - Medical Eval Task Force

                - Medical Eval Task Force Leader

                - Medical Evaluator

            - Observation Strike Team

                - Observation Strike Team Leader

                - Observation Worker

            - Triage Screening Team

                - Triage Screening Team Leader

                - Triage Worker

            - Security and Traffic Group

                - Security and Traffic Group Supervisor

                - Security Unit Member

                - Traffic Control Unit Member

            - Vaccine Group

                - Vaccination Group Supervisor

                - Vaccinator


            - Planning Section Chief

            - Documentation Unit Leader

            - Resource Unit Leader

            - Situation Unit Leader

Supporting Documents

Minimum POD Staffing Requirements

Just in Time Training Outline

Staff Medical Screening Form

Staff Credentialing Form