Athletic Facilities & Youth Sports Leagues

Athletic Facilities

Portsmouth High School

The High School has a track, tennis courts and basketball courts that are available for use when school is not in session. 

Track - In the off season, the School Department usually locks most of the gates. The gate on Memorial Drive near the Booster Shack is always open. Many people use the track before the start of school. 

Tennis courts do close during the winter months and there are currently no lights there.

Basketball courts can also be found at the Middle School and Island Park Playground.

Baseball fields are located behind the old Coggeshall School at 321 East Main Road, the Seveney Sports Complex, behind the Portsmouth Middle School, near the old Anne Hutchinson School at 110 Bristol Ferry Road, the High School, the Turnpike Avenue Playground, and Island Park Playground.

Group use of School areas requires a permit, obtainable from the School Administration website under the "Community" link.


Youth Sports Leagues

The Town has many fine youth sports leagues including: